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HFT 150 Heated High-Flow Highlights

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HFC GOLD High-Flow Nasal Cannula

Comfort. Versatility. Quality.

The HFC-GOLD High-Flow Nasal Cannula is engineered with both the patient and clinician in mind for optimum comfort and ease of use. The versatile design allows the clinician to apply and adjust the cannula even in the most challenging patient positions. Once fitted, it delivers consistent high-flow oxygen therapy throughout the treatment. Patent Pending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you measure SpO2 when using the HFT 150?2021-08-06T19:20:57-07:00

The HFT 150 offers the option of connecting a Nonin Xpod® pulse oximeter to the device and it will display the SpO2 and heart rate on the front panel

How long does it take to fully charge the internal battery?2021-07-29T16:39:25-07:00

About 3-4 hours

How long will the internal battery power the unit if running at 60 LPM?2022-04-10T14:56:26-07:00

Approximately 30 minutes

What is the FiO2 ranges on the HFT 150?2021-08-06T19:21:51-07:00

21 – 100% oxygen

What is the temperature range for the HFT 150?2021-08-06T19:19:14-07:00

31 – 37  °C

What is the flow rate ranges for the HFT 150?2021-08-06T19:23:12-07:00

2 – 60 LPM

Where can I find more information about the HFT 150?2021-07-29T16:50:15-07:00

Click on our website’s Clinical Resources tab for videos, the Our Products tab for a list of features and benefits or request a brochure through our Contact Us form

Are there yearly preventative maintenance costs for the HFT 150?2021-07-29T16:53:43-07:00

No, there are no recommendations for yearly PM kits or maintenance. The internal battery should last 300+ cycles and the blower and internal oxygen sensor should work properly for 5 years

What is the warranty on the HFT 150?2021-07-29T16:42:30-07:00

One year on the device and 90 days on the kits

How long does it usually take to clean the HFT 150 to get ready for a new patient?2021-07-29T16:51:52-07:00

It usually takes about 5 minutes. Just replace the internal filter, water chamber, heated patient circuit and nasal high-flow cannula and you are ready to go

Does the HFT 150 have built-in alarms?2021-08-06T19:14:00-07:00

Yes the alarms are associated with integrated humidifier, circuit disconnect, low battery levels, oxygen source, and the product offers a nurse call alarm connection. If you’re using the Nonin Xpod® you can also set alarms for SpO2 and heart rate.