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HFT 150 Heated High-Flow Highlights


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you measure SpO2 when using the HFT 150?2021-08-06T19:20:57-07:00

The HFT 150 offers the option of connecting a Nonin Xpod® pulse oximeter to the device and it will display the SpO2 and heart rate on the front panel

How long does it take to fully charge the internal battery?2021-07-29T16:39:25-07:00

About 3-4 hours

How long will the internal battery power the unit if running at 60 LPM?2022-04-10T14:56:26-07:00

Approximately 30 minutes

What is the FiO2 ranges on the HFT 150?2021-08-06T19:21:51-07:00

21 – 100% oxygen

What is the temperature range for the HFT 150?2021-08-06T19:19:14-07:00

31 – 37  °C

What is the flow rate ranges for the HFT 150?2021-08-06T19:23:12-07:00

2 – 60 LPM

Where can I find more information about the HFT 150?2021-07-29T16:50:15-07:00

Click on our website’s Clinical Resources tab for videos, the Our Products tab for a list of features and benefits or request a brochure through our Contact Us form

Are there yearly preventative maintenance costs for the HFT 150?2021-07-29T16:53:43-07:00

No, there are no recommendations for yearly PM kits or maintenance. The internal battery should last 300+ cycles and the blower and internal oxygen sensor should work properly for 5 years

What is the warranty on the HFT 150?2021-07-29T16:42:30-07:00

One year on the device and 90 days on the kits

How long does it usually take to clean the HFT 150 to get ready for a new patient?2021-07-29T16:51:52-07:00

It usually takes about 5 minutes. Just replace the internal filter, water chamber, heated patient circuit and nasal high-flow cannula and you are ready to go

Does the HFT 150 have built-in alarms?2021-08-06T19:14:00-07:00

Yes the alarms are associated with integrated humidifier, circuit disconnect, low battery levels, oxygen source, and the product offers a nurse call alarm connection. If you’re using the Nonin Xpod® you can also set alarms for SpO2 and heart rate.